Free roaming cat in hidey hole

Free-roaming and Community cats

The set up you need, and first steps to owning a more independent cat

Cats, Adopters, Welfare

Happy cat with their owner

Leaving cats alone

Everything you need to know 

Cats, Welfare

Living with pets and allergies image

Living with pets and allergies

Pets are just one of the triggers for allergies including asthma attacks, but some simple steps may be enough to mean that you can keep your pet and control your allergy.

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Keeping cats cool in hot weather image

Keeping cats cool in hot weather

Our top tips for keeping your pet safe and happy in summer weather

Cats, Veterinary, Cat behaviour, Welfare

Keeping dogs cool in hot weather image

Keeping dogs cool in hot weather

Our tips for keeping your hound cool and safe in the summer.

Dogs, Veterinary, Welfare

walking a dog_summer hot weather

Walking your dog in hot weather

If the weather is warm, exercise can be too much for our dogs.

Dogs, Veterinary, Welfare

cat upside down in a cosy bed

Helping your pets in cold weather

Keep your cats and dogs safe and cosy when the temperature drops

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Cat playing with ready to pounce body language

Play with your cat!

Playing with your cat increases your bond, encourages them to stay closer to home, and reduces the urge to kill wildlife outside.

Cats, Cat behaviour, Welfare

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