Dog cocking his leg to urinate


Toileting and even not-toileting are common frustrations in dog ownership. Here's our advice on encouraging housetraining in dogs.

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We love muzzles! image

We love muzzles!

Why muzzles are beneficial, choosing a good muzzle and how to train your dog to wear one

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Crates for dogs image

Crates for dogs

Crates can be great to treat some behaviour issues and also as a nice place for your dog to retreat to.

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Parallel walking with two dogs of different temperaments

Introducing dogs with Parallel Walking

A technique for helping dogs meet each other

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reactive dog barking on lead

Walking with a reactive dog

Tips for coping with your everyday walks

Dogs, Dog training, Dog behaviour

Dog guarding a stick_baring teeth_growling

Mine! Guarding in dogs

Dogs guard what is precious to them, but it is possible to live with a guarding dog with a little two-way understanding.

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training a dog to give their attention

Focus and attention games

Great commands to build a bond and keep them close

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Dog on the sofa with his owner who is gently holding his leg

Teaching your pet to accept being checked over

Being able to handle your pet means you can safely help them when they are ill or injured.

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dog training indoors

Touch training for reluctant pets

If your pet does not like a certain area being touched, then work gradually through this training.

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