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A road traffic accident may have taken one of her nine lives, but she’s fighting for the other eight.

This little one was taken to a vets after being run over – she had blood coming from her nose and her pupils were a different size. Without an owner present, we agreed to take on the cost of her emergency treatment whilst we searched for her family.

The most damage was to her stomach where the vet team had to remove her hernial sac and rebuild her abdominal wall.

Sadly, despite multiple attempts to contact the details on her microchip, we never found her owner and she was signed over formally to us. 

Cat having fuss wearing a cone

Artemis spent the Christmas period with us, often in a poor state as she struggled to recover from such a huge injury and operation. She also had an extreme allergy that was making her itch and scratch – potentially damaging her delicate operation sites. 

We were very worried that she would lose her fight, but in the new year she turned things around. She started to get sulky with the cone, the medication and with not being allowed outside (always a good sign that they are feeling better!). 

We had changed her diet which transformed her skin and coat. By February she looked like a different cat, had become much more affectionate and more tolerant of taking her medication just with some tasty lickelix or a pill pocket.

After a long time in the cattery, with intensive care, we took steps to improve her welfare and enrichment. She spends time in both the cattery office snoozing on the chairs, and in the cat garden. This gives her a change of scenery and plenty of attention when she wants it. 

Cat on an office chair Cat in the cat garden

She loves her cardboard boxes, so much so we have made her main cattery bed inside one! 
Cat in a bed inside a cardboard box

We are very happy to spend time with this funny and engaging little one until she finds her forever home. 

white cat in cattery_Albie keeping an eye on us in the cattery


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Cats, Rehabilitate

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Cats, Rehabilitate

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