RSPCA branch and affiliation

Our responsibilities as Bath and District Branch

A little history

In 1939 a recent amlagmation of animal rescue groups in Bath opened this centre, then called RSPCA Bath & District Branch. 

In 1949, John Hobhouse became Chairman and fought for many modern welfare ideals firstly for our branch independently and then across the national RSPCA. 

RSPCA Inspector and staff member with dog

The RSPCA and and Bath Cats & Dogs Home today

Although we are financially independent and make many of our own policies, we remain the Bath & District branch of the national RSPCA, adhering to their high welfare standards and working with local RSPCA Inspectors to shelter and care for animals in need.

This work is some of the most traumatic we encounter, and often sees unbelievable acts of neglect and abuse.

In 2022, we took in 16 animals that were part of RSPCA legal cases, caring for the animals whilst owners are under prosecution for animal abuse and neglect.

A further 121 animals were brought to us by RSPCA Inspectors in 2022, because of immediate concerns for their welfare.

Scared puppy on carers lap, part of a RSPCA case

Dogs like Buddy owe their lives to the action of RSPCA Inspectors, and the subsequent care our team gives at the Home. » Read Buddy's story.


Our impact


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