Volunteer testimonials

Thinking about taking a volunteer role? Here's what some of our volunteers have said about the work they do for us.

Tiffany Davison - Small Animal Care volunteer

"It's a positive way to use my free time. As a student here, I cannot keep any pets and miss my animals at home. It is nothing to do with my studies but I enjoy it."


Alison Harper - Cattery Care volunteer

"I really love it! The staff are all very kind and helpful and it's always good fun. On my first day they explained exactly what I needed to do and did my first couple of pens with me, which gave me confidence that I knew what I was doing when I started on my own. I found that really helpful - I can turn up and crack on and not feel like a spare part! 

Volunteers shouldn't be afraid to ask questions if they're not sure about anything - everyone's friendly and no-one seems to mind."