Rupert's Remarkable Journey

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From Struggles to a Loving Home

We are sharing a heartwarming pet adoption story today, a testament to the resilience and transformation of a rescue animal. Meet Rupert, the Lurcher puppy, whose journey from a challenging start in life to a joyful new home in Plymouth earlier this year is nothing short of inspiring.

On a frosty morning of January 31st, Rupert, along with his brother Dibble, aged just 8-10 weeks, was discovered abandoned in Stinkpot Alley in Salisbury. Both puppies were severely malnourished, their ribs visible, and they had frost burns on their delicate paws. Dibble's condition was so frail that he had to be hospitalized, while Rupert was taken into the care of Bath Cats and Dogs Home by the Wiltshire Council Dog Warden team.


Kirsty Long, Senior Behaviour Assessor at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, shared, "Rupert was seriously underweight upon arrival, so we started him on a regimen of five small meals throughout the day, even involving our Night duty team to ensure he received a meal. After about ten days, we transitioned him to specialist puppy food, gradually reducing his meals to the usual four per day for a puppy."

"It became evident that Rupert longed for human companionship, so we provided him with a snug, covered bed adorned with a plush toy. Our dedicated volunteers spent time with him, introducing him to new toys and experiences. As his confidence grew, we invited him to join us in the office during the day, where he relished affection, human company, and everyday noises."

In early 2023, Rupert found his forever home with Jo Sardella and her family in Plymouth. Jo shared her experience, saying, "I had registered my interest with several local cats and dogs homes at the beginning of January 2023, but none were as responsive and helpful as Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Just when hope was fading, I received an email about Rupert, a Lurcher puppy. I fell in love instantly, and soon, I was on my way to Bath with my son and sister to meet Rupert and hopefully bring him home."

"The staff were incredibly welcoming and explained the adoption process thoroughly. In the room where we met Rupert, he bounded in, filled with excitement to see us. Although we were taken aback by how thin he was, we were prepared, having learned that he had been found on the streets with his brother, Dibble, both starving, underweight, and suffering from frostbite."

"After bonding with Rupert for a few minutes, it was clear that he was a perfect fit for our family. We talked to a dog behaviour specialist, who answered all our questions and provided valuable guidance. Then, we took Rupert home. The first few weeks were a challenge as we carefully managed his food to help him regain weight."


 rupert in his n ew home in plymouth

"Rupert has blossomed into a beautiful dog, a local celebrity in our neighbourhood. He receives plenty of attention during our walks. After some dog training sessions, I was able to let him run off the lead, and it's been a joy to see him enjoying his freedom with other dogs."

"We are immensely proud of Rupert's growing confidence. He even won a rosette at the Ugborough Dog Show in July, coming 4th in the Best Rescue category. Despite the event's busyness, with numerous dogs, distractions, and people, he remained remarkably composed."

rupert enjoying the sun        rupert the lurcher

"As Rupert enters his adolescent years, we know there will be challenges, but he continues to make remarkable progress in his new life. We appreciate Bath Cats and Dogs Home's ongoing support for rescue dogs like Rupert and have reached out to their team for advice several times. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found this lovely boy."

As for Dibble, he was initially fostered by a member of staff at the vet practice where he was cared for and then a few months later, found his forever home with a couple in North Devon who have two other dogs for him to enjoy his daily beach walks with.

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