Willow BD44198-Dog
Caucasian Shepherd
3 years 4 months
I am still learning to greet other dogs nicely
I cannot live with cats
I cannot live with other dogs
I prefer to live with adults only

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Gorgeous Willow is a stunning young Caucasian Shepherd. Willow would thrive in a home where she has good outside space, and an inside space place where she can relax. Willow enjoys her walks and is good on a lead and she has made some canine friends here at the Centre, but in the home would be better suited to being the only pet. Willow is very affectionate and loyal with the people she knows and is doing really well with her training here at the Centre. She has so much potential and in a new home will be able to settle and thrive with the right handling.
More details about Willow
Willow is best suited to an all-adult home without younger visitors, but we are open to discussing homes where there are options to keep her separate from children, so larger rural properties with a courtyard, stables etc. This breed needs a very specific type of home as Caucasians are a large and ancient breed of dog known for being courageous and strong minded so we are looking for a home where Willow can thrive with a confident owner who understands the responsibility of owning such a large breed dog. In the right home and environment, we know Willow has a lot of potential so if you think you can offer her a new home, we would really love to hear from you.
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New dog

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