Buttons BC45236-Cat
Domestic S.H (short hair)
7 years 1 months
I may be able to live with another cat
I cannot live with dogs
I prefer to live with adults only

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Independent and handsome boy Buttons is a nervous little man and is not accustomed to much human interaction. He likes his own space and the freedom of the great outdoors. He would be best suited to a rural outdoor home or a home with a lot of outdoor space such as farm where he can have the choice to come in or not. If going to an outdoor home, Buttons will need a safe, secure outbuilding or shed that he can use for shelter and to settle into for at least a couple of weeks. It should be a cosy spot for him to retreat to from the rain. Buttons previously came from a residential area, so should have some road sense. To stop him wondering back to his previous area, he cannot be rehomed to the Trowbridge area.
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