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Why adopt?

The benefits, the misconceptions and the FAQs of adopting a pet

There are many reasons to adopt, and many questions you may have about adopting. Here are the answers to a few of the most frequent questions that we are asked about why to choose adopting a pet. 

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number of stray and rescue dogs in the UK
number of stray and rescue cats in the UK

Rescue is my favourite breed

Happy black and white kitten called Poppy"Everyone thinks that I rescued Poppy, but in truth she's rescued me.

She makes me so happy, she's like a little ray of light in my life. 

Thank you for saving her, taking such good care of her and putting us together"

Abi, adopted Poppy in 2022


Getting a rescue dog from us has many benefits, we can tell you a lot more about the dog before you take them into your home – we will be honest, explain any training that needs to be continued and we give lots of support on your adoption journey.

All of our animals are neutered and have had a vet check up for common health issues. Many have dental treatment here, which can be a very expensive cost to pet owners. They are also microchipped and had flea and worming medication. 

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The adoption journey is part of the experience, and can take anything from one week to several months. You can understan, this isn’t a shop where we can order in what isn’t in stock and we really want to make a great rehoming choice for you and the animal to make your friendship last forever.

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It is very good value to adopt, especially with the number of benefits you get as part of the adoption package. We don’t make a profit from the adoption fee.

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We consider every application and match a pet to suit your lifestyle. But please consider if you have enough time to give to a pet – wherever they come from.

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We consider every application and match a pet to suit your home - however unusual it may be.

Adoption centres have changed a lot to keep up with modern consumers, whilst keeping the animal’s welfare in mind. To get started we have one form, request photos of your home and garden, and have a conversation with you.

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We have a wide variety of breeds and crossbreeds, it may surprise you. In rescue it can be that we are a couple of years behind the trend of breeds, and also representative of what breeds are owned in the local area. We’re having a chihuahua and spaniel trend at the moment!

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Nobody’s perfect, and neither are pets, whether they are in rescue or in a home. We are very open about our animals’ quirks and issues so you know what to expect and we can support you after adoption. 

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We would argue not necessarily, as young animals are a LOT of work. Adult animals are more settled in their manners, often have had some training and have an understanding of us weird humans.

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About half of our dogs and over half of our cats are strays, and the rest come from private homes. 

Below is a pie chart showing the reasons why animals came into the Home in 2022.


Keep looking! We take in, on average, 14 animals every week, and one of them will be a perfect match for you.

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Every animal is unique and we use all of our expertise to make the matches – every animal is assessed by the Behaviour and Animal Care team, the Veterinary team and the Rehoming team too.

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You must be over 18 to adopt, but we have no upper age limit. We take the animal's needs into consideration when matching you with a pet to make sure you are a good fit.

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