Neuter Clinic opens

We have started a new low-cost clinic to help pets in our community

We are pleased to announce that we have started a Neuter Clinic based at our Vet Suite. We will have one day a month dedicated to offering low-cost neutering to pet-owners in our community. 

Part of our mission is to improve the welfare of pets in our community with education, services and support. We want every animal to have a happy life, and to give everyone the skills to be a responsible pet owner. As part of this, we have a small fund to assist pet owners in our community with caring for their animals.

To be eligible you must be in receipt of Universal Credit or other means-tested benefits, and you must also live in our catchment area in Bath and North East Somerset or Wiltshire. To confirm you are within our catchment area, you can search your postcode on or call us on 01225 787322 (during office hours).

We currently cannot spay/neuter female dogs at this time, but we do hope to offer that in the future.

» To view more and to apply, please click here.


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