Lurcher week: meet Eddie


Eddie is a very bright and confident puppy looking for a home!

Meet Eddie, he is a very bright and confident puppy looking for a home who has a lot of time for him, and who have had dogs before.

He is just over 3 months old and will become a big lurcher. The markings he has is called merle – a mottled pattern often seen in Collies and Australian Shepherds, so that might be where his brains come from!

As well as training, Eddie needs plenty of socialisation and careful introductions to new experiences so that he is able to make good decisions as he grows up. Because brains plus confidence can often mean finding trouble to get into!

So we are looking for a home where he will get time dedicated to him every day, maybe finding a doggie sport that he enjoys such as agility or scent.

If you are registered with us already, then please email or leave a voicemail with the Rehoming team to say you are interested in adopting Eddie and they will be in touch. Or apply to adopt using our online form.

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