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Why not take on the Bath Half as an early spring challenge?

The Bath Half marathon has returned to its traditional spring slot on Sunday 17 March – so if you are already a runner you can still train up to complete the race in a great time. Experts say if you can run for an hour now, then you can take on a half marathon challenge in 7 weeks.


Training tips from Bath Half’s running coaches.

Have a training plan that includes a mixture of running, cross-training, and rest days – with 1 long training run a week that gradually increases in distance or time each week, leading up to race day.

Other non-running activities like cycling, swimming, strength training or even walking will help you improve your overall fitness. Running a half marathon is an endurance event – so any exercise that allows you to complete hours (rather than minutes) of exercise will allow your body to adapt to running further.

If you are feeling tired or have a ‘niggle’ your body is probably trying to tell you to ease off a bit – take an extra rest day and allow your body to recover.?

Food is fuel – make sure you get a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Start to practice fuelling on your long runs with sweets and gels etc.


We have spaces for Bath Half on Team BCDH

•    Grab your Charity Place for £20
•    Pledge to raise a minimum of £250 in sponsorship
•    Visit the rescue centre for a Runner's Day and meet the cats and dogs you will be helping
•    Proudly wear your free BCDH running vest
•    Get support from our Fundraising team to reach your target and have a great run! 

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Some of our Bath Half marathon running team before the race and keen to go!

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A great day at the marathon race

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