I have found a stray cat

It is very kind of you to try and help a cat - but please keep the following in mind:

Cats can have a large territory – patrolling from around 2 to 8 acres – and you may be just one stop on their route.

Not all cats like wearing collars, or they may have lost it, so just because it doesn’t have a collar doesn’t mean it is a stray. 

Do not restrain the cat or keep it indoors. If the cat is a nursing mum then you are putting her kittens' lives at risk.

As the cat does not belong to you, if you keep the cat in or give it away then you are committing a theft of property. Therefore you have to be very sure that the cat is actually a stray. 

So you have a cat at your door, or even inside your house. Let's find out what you should do.

Does the cat look well? Is the coat clean? Are they without any obvious injuries? Even if they are asking for food, are they a good weight?