We are currently under lockdown restrictions 

We cannot take animals in from members of the public, as we must prioritise spaces for those injured, neglected, and in most need from our RSPCA Inspectors, Dog Wardens and the Police.

There is nobody in the office to take calls or enquiries at this time.

For the latest on the coronavirus lockdown, and how it has affected the Home, please click here.




Handing over animals

As well as providing shelter to many hundreds of stray animals each year, we also help owners who are no longer able to care for their pet for any reason.

Asking us to rehome your pet

There is a 'Frequently Asked Questions' sheet which you can download below which may answer many of your questions.

You can either fill in and return the appropriate form (also download below) or you are welcome to call us on 01225 787320 (9am-5pm every day).

if you are looking to rehome small animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs etc.) then please call us and we can direct you to somewhere who could help.