Artemis BC44897-Cat
Domestic Semi Long Hair
4 years 7 months
I would prefer not to live with other cats
I cannot live with dogs
I can live with teenagers

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Artemis is a sweet and loving little lady who bonds very closely with her friends. Sadly she was in a road traffic accident with some very serious injuries, but has recovered with us over the past couple of months and is ready to be adopted.
She loves her cardboard boxes, so much so we have made her main cattery bed inside one! She is an explorer who enjoys the cat garden and time in the office snoozing on chairs.
Artemis will need to be on a specific hypoallergenic diet and a daily supplement to keep on top of her allergies - she takes the supplement easily with some lickelix. You will also need to be regular with her flea and worm medication.
Artemis is looking for a calm and quiet home to allow her to settle in her own time, and of course away from any roads. To stop her wandering back to her old area, she cannot be rehomed to certain areas of Corsham.
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More details about Artemis
After such an intensive period of veterinary care, Artemis is on some medication to help with stress but this can be weaned off once adopted and she is feeling settled in her new home. She takes this in a pill pocket with her food.
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