Angel BD44913-Dog
3 years 4 months
I cannot live with cats
I could live with another dog
I can live with teenagers

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Meet Angel, who is doing her best to live up to the name and is a friendly loving little lady. Angel is a sweet and energetic lady, that loves nothing better than showing off her agile zoomies.
She equally loves to snooze and relax, and her favourite part of the day involves some quality sofa time! She is young, full of life and enjoys a variety of toys to entertain her, so would love her own toy box in her new home. She is an affectionate young lady and enjoys saying hello to everyone.
Angel loves meeting dogs and enjoys having canine companions on a walk.
Angel came to us as a stray, so we are unsure if she has lived in a home previously. She will need a secure garden to help build up her housetraining and would benefit from secure field hire to demonstrate her full zoomies in all their glory!
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Games with your dog

Games with your dog

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Meeting and greeting other dogs

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