This group of cats were thin, covered in fleas and with faeces in their fur where an illness has been left for too long. 

When they arrived at the Home all were given urgent medical care, including tests to find out what was causing their stomach problems. 

Just recently, we had concluded that they have a highly infectious parasite called cryptosporidium. When healthy, a cat can fight this gut parasite, but once poorly and without good hygiene it is very difficult to control. 

Some need intensive care - Cannoli, Vanilla, Pretzel, Iris, Lotus and Marshmallow. Marshmallow is particularly struggling as she is also heavily pregnant.

Staff wear a full protection kit - different kits for each cat - and clean the pods and bathe the cats at least twice daily. It is time-consuming and exhausting - going round the pods in a circle of cleaning. 

There is a reward for us all as the cats become healthy and playful. Once definitely clear they can explore the cat garden, and then start to find new homes. They are all lovely cats, very sociable and happy to be handled. 

We are very pleased to say that Marshmallow safely gave birth to her kittens, here they are just a day old.

It has been a struggle as Marshmallow continues to be unwell herself, and our carers and vet team are keeping a close eye on all of them. Marshmallow is being a really good mum which does help a lot. Here they are at two weeks old.