Pet Shop

Our on-site Pet Shop is currently closed, but we have put together specially selected Surprise Pet Packs for cats and dogs.

Boxes are £25 each and contain toys and treats as well as ideas to keep your pets happy. The items pictured right are an example - each pack will be tailored to suit your pet, individually picked to be a surprise for each furry customer!

If you would like one of our packs, please email to so we can tailor your box, process it for delivery and arrange a time to take payment over the phone.  

Our stock reflects the expert knowledge and practicality of pet ownership, learnt from caring for thousands of pets every year. If our rescues love it, then we know your pet will love it too. 

"Loved my surprise box - lots of new toys and loads of my favourite treats. I was straight in the box as soon as it arrived" George the bengal

"Thanks so much for all my toys and treats, can't wait to try them" Deefa dog