Adopting a pet


Please read our adoption guide - click the link at the bottom of this page.




Are you ready to change a life and adopt?

That's great news! Here's our 3 steps to adoption.

1. Register to adopt

After reading the Adoption Guide, you'll need to register. You can download a form here (see right and below for links) and email back to . Alternatively, you can pop into the Home to register in person. 

At the same time, please send us some photos of your house and garden where your pet will spend their time - for dogs we particularly would like to see the boundries of the garden. We do not need to see bedrooms or bathrooms.

At this point it may be that we arrange for a home visit - this isn't anything to worry about, some of the reasons we may carry these out are if you haven't adopted from us before or if you are a first-time pet owner. 

The initial registration process can take 7-10 days. Once fully registered you can place a reserve on an animal and adoption will shortly follow so you will need to be ready to welcome your pet and provide a stable home for their first few months with you. 
Going on holiday? Then it would be best to wait to reserve and animal until after you return.

2. Matching

We will now call you to book a full apppointment with one of our Rehoming Team up here at the Home, who will talk further with you about the pet you are looking for and take you to meet animals who will be a great match for you.

Before you adopt we ask that all of your family meet your pet. We may ask you to spend more time with them before adopting if they are shy of strangers so they feel comfortable with you.

If you have a dog already then we would arrange a 'mix' here at the Home, with experienced staff on hand.

3. Adoption 

You are now ready to book an adoption date. Your pet will receive their final vet check up and we will chat you through the final paperwork and care notes. This is when you pay the adoption fee - the figures below are the total amount we ask for, and will include free microchip, initial vaccinations, flea and worming treatment and neutering. Your Rehomer will let you know the fee for your chosen pet.

How long will this all take?

If you are having a home visit, you will get a call within a week to arrange this. All of our home visitors are volunteers who donate their time to help.

Matching will depend on the animals that we have in, which is always unpredictable. We take in around 5 animals every day.

We are still here for you after adoption.

You can contact your Rehomer with any questions as your pet settles in - plus for dogs our Behaviour Team offer free advice sessions for up to a year after adoption.


Adoption charges 

These prices include a health check-up, neutering, first vaccination, flea and worm treatments and microchipping. You also receive four weeks’ pet insurance from PetPlan.

As a guide, if you were to pay for these treatments and insurance for an animal bought privately, you would pay between £150 and £280 (neutering costs vary depending on the size and gender of the animal). 


Adult dogs and puppies   £150


Cat or kitten   £75

Small animals

Rabbit   £20 or £30 for a pair
Guinea Pig   £20 or £30 for a pair