In hot weather it is important to be extra vigilant around your pets to keep them safe and healthy.

Tips for all pets

Fresh drinking water. Place away from sunlight and add ice cubes to keep it cool. Add an extra bowl around the house so it is within easy access for those lazy bones.

Outdoor shade - String sheets overhead if there are no plants giving a natural canopy.

Cool indoor spots - Make sure your house has cool rooms – keep curtains closed and use a fan. Drape a damp towel in the path of the fan (but not on top of course) to spread a bit of cool moisture into the air.

Cool Bedding - Freeze a bottle of water and place just under their bedding, or for smalls cover the bottle with a cloth and pop into the hutch or cage for them to lean against.

Grooming help - Give bunnies and cats a brush to remove excess fur, and you can clip some dog coats (ask a groomer for advice). You will notice cats grooming themselves more - and you can brush coats of cats and dogs with a cool slightly damp towel to help cool them off.

See more tips below.

Heatstroke signs

If your pet shows these symptoms then rub down with a cool damp towel and get them to a vet immediately.

  • Staggering like drunk, acting confused

  • Rapid panting and excessive salivating

  • Vomiting

  • Bright red ears in rabbits, bright red gums in cats and dogs, bright red tongue in dogs.

Extra tips for dogs

Walkies - Keep your walks shorter and in the early morning or late evening. Don’t go jogging with your dog on hot days. Take water and a collapsible bowl with you on longer outings.

Cool surfaces - Buy a cool mat from our Pet Shop – it is a blanket that has cooling gel in, so no need to freeze. Outside, some dogs love a sand pit or paddling pool.

Something cool to eat - You can buy doggie ice cream (never give them human ice cream, the milk will upset tummies and chocolate is poisonous), or make up a Kong with a soft or liquid filling and freeze. Defrost for about half an hour before giving to your dog.

Fave recipe: Low fat plain yogurt with some or a mixture of mashed banana, mashed carrot, swede and/or potato. Plug the ends with a biscuit, cheese or mashed banana and stand in a cup whilst it freezes or cover in clingfilm.

Cool toys - We sell toys that can be frozen or float in water for some summer fun.

Dogs die in hot cars. We don’t need to tell you – don’t leave your dog in the car even for ‘a couple of minutes’. If you are travelling then shade the car and stop regularly for drink stops.


Extra tips for cats

Cool surfaces. Allow access to tiled floors and surfaces – bathrooms, kitchens. Cats will lie out wide and flat on the cool surface. Don’t be surprised if you find them in your sink!

Ear tips. Pale-coloured cats need help protecting their ears from sunburn – you can buy specific pet sun cream as human sunscreen is toxic.

Extra tips for bunnies & smalls

Watch those ears. Rabbits use their ears to regulate temperature, so spray some fine water mist on their ears to help cool them down. Not completely wet - a quick mist will do.

Cool snacks. Give a little extra veg, as they have water in to keep them hydrated. Keep the water on after washing them for a little extra. 

Cool surfaces. Place ceramic tiles in the cage for them to lie on.

Health risks. For rabbits, keep a very vigilant eye for fly strike. for more information, please click here to read more.