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Can you offer Roxy a home?

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Age: 5 years

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Gender: Female

Ref: BD30445


Suitable with children: No

Other animals: Best as the only pet

Roxy is a bright and playful dog, with a wonderful curly tail and really pretty brindle pattern.

Unfortunately she has not had the best start in life which means she will need an experienced home with understanding owners, as she can get worried. You should be interested in positive training methods - Roxy is such a fast learner and should make quick progress when away from the kennel environment.

Roxy can be wary of new people and takes a while to form a bond, so you would need to visit a few times before adoption and she would prefer a home without many visitors. Once she knows you she is an affectionate girl and will be a friend for life.

She loves playtime and will throw her toys around entertaining herself. She would be a lot of fun in a big garden, mixing play with training.

When out and about Roxy wears a muzzle as she is not good with other dogs, this is just to protect herself and those around her. She is an intelligent girl who loves her food, easily distracted with a tasty treat if you do see a dog and need to move away.

She loves long walks and enjoys woodland and countryside walks where she can relax and sniff. We often see her rolling around in the grass with a big smile on her face.