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Age: 2 years

Breed: Lurcher

Gender: Female

Ref: BD41990


Suitable with children: No

Other animals: Can live with dogs

Nora is a special girl looking for an experienced home. Her owners will need to have a keen interest in positive based training, as she will need a lot of input to help her settle into a home environment. In time, with the right training, she will make a fantastic addition. In her new home, someone will need to be home all day so that she can learn to be left alone gradually as she finds it very difficult at the moment.

She is very excitable and is still learning how to act appropriately around people. As she hasn’t yet learnt to settle, she can get over aroused very quickly which causes her to jump up and mouth and due to this, she needs a home with adults only.

With a lot of time, patience and consistency, Nora’s behaviour should improve, and our behaviour team would be more than happy to provide support to her new owners, however anyone looking to adopt should be aware that she is going to be an ongoing project. She is a real sweetie with a lot of character but isn’t a particularly affectionate dog and will need owners that understand when she doesn’t want to be fussed.

Being such a young, happy lady, Nora loves playtime and walks. Her favourite toys are soft teddys and she will entertain herself or play with you. She enjoys exploring new places but can get overexcited and be erratic on lead. She needs further training on her recall before she is able to spend time off lead, so she will need her own private, secure garden to play in each day. She would also benefit from trips to a hired paddock where she can practise recall without too many exciting distractions!

In the home, Nora could live with another calm, confident, stable dog. As with most things, she can be over the top with her playstyle and will need a dog that is able to cope with her, so introductions here at the Home are a must.