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Animal is reserved

This animal is reserved and in the process of being rehomed. If you are interested in adopting, please see our "Adopting a pet" page for more information.

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Age: 3 years

Breed: Bull Terrier cross

Gender: Female

Ref: BD39645


Suitable with children: No

Other animals: Best as the only pet

Lacey is a pretty young girl. She is looking for a specific home with owners that are interested in positive based training. She is very smart, meaning she wants to be kept mentally active most of the time. Lacey’s new home should be with owners that are around for most of the day as she loves company and gets stressed when left alone. She will play on her own with her toys when you are around, or chew on a Kong on her mat. With patience and routine, we hope she will begin to enjoy her own company more.

Being young, Lacey is keen to learn and super eager to please. She loves a challenge and will bring plenty of fun to her new family. She has been enjoying using our agility equipment here, picking up whatever is asked of her quickly as usual. She would love having some equipment in her garden or going to a suitable class once settled.


Lacey would be happy with a large garden or secure area to play in, she needs to be introduced to new places and longer walks gradually as she gets worried easily. Other dogs can be worrying and frustrating for Lacey, she will need to be kept in quiet areas away from other dogs while she settles in, to give her the best chance in her new life.

As she has settled, Lacey has become more affectionate with her carers, she loves a cuddle and will happily lay on your lap on the sofa. She is learning to be calm in new and exciting environments, we have taught her to ‘settle’ as she can get over aroused and needs a break at times.

Lacey is a wonderful lady, she will make a fantastic companion in the right home once she has been given time to settle and blossom into the beautiful character, we know she will become. She will need a lot of patience, at least in the beginning, as she has been in kennels for a long time now and will need to readjust to her new routine and environment.

Lacey can live with teenagers and adults but does need to be the only pet.