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Age: 3 years

Breed: American Bulldog X

Gender: Male

Ref: BD40334


Suitable with children: No

Other animals: Best as the only pet

Frankie is a handsome lad who lacks confidence, looking for an active family but calm household. 

He's an affectionate boy, loves to give kisses and wag that big tail of his.

He is strong on the lead, but has been trained to wear a Halti, so walks are more managable. 

He has shown interest in toys, but is shy to get going and then can get over-excited. At the moment his homone levels are still high, so he is humping - so for a big dog that's a bit too much for children to handle so he is to be homed with adults and older teens.

We have started to mix him with other dogs, again a bit over-excited when greeting! He is happy to walk with other dogs when out and about, calm polite canine friends would be best. 

Frankie is a lovely dog who would be fun in a family confident with big dogs.