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Age: 11 years

Breed: Terrier X

Gender: Male

Ref: BD39814


Suitable with children: No

Other animals: Best as the only pet

Bert is a grumpy old man, but we have a soft spot for him. He is looking for a home for his final months/years - we are looking for a long-term foster home rather than an adoption. Bert needs an understanding owner that is willing to help him manage his anxieties and give him space when he needs it.

He needs a quiet home without any visitors or children as he is very nervous of new people. You will need to visit a few times before taking him home.

He likes a fuss but lacks the ability to signal, or to take himself away, when he has had enough. It means a more mindful attention time, where you give short bursts of fuss and allow breaks for him to choose what he would like to do next. If you push him too far without the breaks then he will snap. Largely, he is more a companion dog to have pottering around beside you, rather than a lap dog.

Bert doesn't enjoy the company of other dogs and would rather avoid them. He likes his walks and will wear a harness and muzzle when out and about.

Bert would love a secure garden - he is on medication to help with stiffness but still enjoys chasing his tennis balls and would enjoy some food puzzles to use his terrier brain as well.