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Age: 8 years

Breed: Pomeranian X

Gender: Male

Ref: BD42027


Suitable with children: No

Other animals: Best as the only pet

Alfie is very handsome; he is a firm favourite with his carers here, with his cheeky, independant personality.  

He is looking for an adult only home with experienced owners where he can have his space when needed. As an insecure boy, Alfie can be worried by handling. Though he is making good progress with his carers here, it will take a long time to build that trust in his new home. 

Alfie has been known to resource guard things that are valuable to him, which may be treats, toys or people and spaces, so care will need to be taken around him to ensure he feels safe and secure in his home. He is happy having a crate as his 'safe space' so that he can take himself away when needed. He would benefit from having this as an option when rehomed too, so that he can get used to having people in his space more gradually. He can be playful at times, but usually prefers to play with toys by himself.  

Once settled, he is happy to be left alone for short periods and is also housetrained, waiting patiently by the door when he wants to be let outside.

Alfie is selective with other dogs, he prefers quiet, smaller dogs but has met a few larger breeds here and been ok. He lacks confidence and would benefit from walking in quiet areas so that he can be socialised at his own pace and not overwhelmed. Alfie will need to be the only pet in the home.