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Age: 4 years

Breed: American Akita

Gender: Female

Ref: BD40804


Suitable with children: No

Other animals: Best as the only pet

Ako is a gorgeous girl looking for an Akita-savvy home. She is clever and independent. She can only be fussed on her terms and is uncomfortable with some areas of her body being touched. She has begun to show affection towards her main carers, although this has taken some time to do.

She will need regular grooming to keep her coat looking lovely and, once she is comfortable with you and with food incentives, she is happy to be brushed all over. 

Ako does not interact much with you on walks, but does walk nicely on the lead. She can be strong if she sees any wildlife, which she will try to chase.

Ako does not like other dogs so must walk in quiet areas, so she does not become too stressed. She has learnt to wear a muzzle for safety.

In the right mood she loves a bit of training, and knows a sit. She is funny to play with in the garden, and calms down nice and quickly after any excitement. After a walk she settles well in her kennel with a chew. 

We love her company here, but she would love a family to call her own. She can live with teenagers but any interactions will need to be managed by adults in her new home.