Cats needing indoor homes

We prefer cats to have lots of freedom but sometimes for their own safety it is best to find them indoor homes. Some may be blind or deaf, others ill.

We have some cats in with diseases that are infectious to other cats that need a secure home. They cannot be allowed to mix with healthy cats. Therefore we are looking for adopters with first floor flats (or above) willing to make their home exciting and welcoming.

FIV positive cats will live for some years just like a healthy cat, but need to be indoors so they don't spread the disease and also have less risk in catching an infection which they can find harder to fight. It is harmless to humans.

FeLV is terminal and cats may only have months to live - it takes a big heart to take on a cat in such need. However we will help where we can - we will pay for medication if you continue to use the vets at the Home and are here for advice.

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Squeaky is a shy lad, who is FIV positive.