Whitehorse Tints are specialists in window tinting, using film to protect from harmful UV rays.

Charity of the year

We all know that hot dogs are not cool in cars, and should never be left in a stationery car especially during the summer months, but when we do have to transport them in a moving car we want them to be as cool as possible.

Whitehorse Tints install window film to cars to greatly reduce solar heat by up to 70% making car journeys cooler and more comfortable for dogs.  

Whitehorse tints will be donating £5 to Bath Cats and Dogs Home for every vehicle they tint for people who carry dogs around in their vehicles. Thank you Whitehorse Tints!

For more information about Whitehorse Tints visit www.whitehorsetints.co.uk and if you have any questions about tinting your car windows for your pets email or call 01373 824073.