Welcome to our Volunteer Notice Board - for quick updates on what's happening at the Home.

Wishing all our amazing volunteers a very Happy New Year; thank you for all your help and support during 2019.

Car park passes - you won't need to renew your pass for 2020 as the 2019 date on your pass is now the date of issue but remember to get a new permit if you change your car

Contact details - please let me know if you have a new address or new mobile phone number

Office move - I have recently moved office and now sit in the HR Admin office next to the shop.  If you need to speak to me please ask at Reception and I'll pop out to see you


Dog walking routes  - please see the map in downloads below for the entrance and exits for each of the dog blocks, including the new Roy Hulbert Kennels.

  • New kennels are open and filling up - There will be lots of photos and news from the build soon on our social media and website, but here's a sneak peek - Nigel has relaxed quickly into his new kennel and paddock and the behaviour team are really pleased.

  • Dog walkers  - remember to have your mobile phone with you and switched on in case we need to contact you when you are out dog walking