Welcome to our Volunteer Notice Board - for quick updates on what's happening at the Home.

Volunteer Notice:

Thank you so much for your support during these unsettling times.

As per Govt. restrictions we’ve had to stop all volunteering and it is only key staff currently on site caring for the animals (they’re doing a great job!). As soon as restrictions lift on non-essential contact and travel we will get you our lovely volunteers back on site as soon as possible.

We know you’ll be thinking of the animals at the Home and our staff will make sure they take extra special care of them.

We may have limited capacity over the coming weeks to stay in touch so we’ll do our best to post regular updates on here and all our social media sites. 

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best during these challenging times. You are truly amazing and we know we will see you again very soon.

Lots of love from all the team

Monday 20th April: Hello everybody - hope you are all safe and keeping your spirits up. Just a short note to say that the Home is doing OK - the staff on site are doing an incredible job. We are staying with the restrictions for the next 3 weeks as recommended by the RSPCA and the Government, so until we know of any changes, please do take care. 


Today, Thursday 12 March, is my last day working at Bath Cats & Dogs Home. Thank you all for your support and friendship over the years, I have been very lucky to have had such a brilliant team of volunteers who have helped me in so many ways.  A new Volunteer Co-ordinator is being recruited - watch this space!

all the very best


Car park passes - you won't need to renew your pass for 2020 as the 2019 date on your pass is now the date of issue but remember to get a new permit if you change your car

Contact details - please let me know if you have a new address or new mobile phone number

Dog walking routes  - please see the map in downloads below for the entrance and exits for each of the dog blocks, including the new Roy Hulbert Kennels.

Dog walkers  - remember to have your mobile phone with you and switched on in case we need to contact you when you are out dog walking