Welcome to our Volunteer Notice Board - for quick updates on what's happening at the Home.

Happy New Year everyone!

All our staff and volunteers will be given new 2019 car park permits.  Please pick up your new permit from Sue in the FR office or from Reception.   

  • Volunteer dog walkers - change of dog walking routes with the buildings works on site there are new exit and entrance routes for dog walkers, please pick up a map at Reception or ask the animal carer

  • Dog walkers - remember to bag and bin dog poo. Bath University have contacted us to say they have had a recent increase in mess on their campus.

  • Dog walkers  - please do not walk across the sports pitch adjacent to A & B blocks as this is University land

  • Dog walkers: remember to have your mobile phone with you and switched on in case we need to contact you when you are out dog walking.