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29/08/2020 - Enrichment - What is it and why we love it!

Bath Cats & Dogs Home bring you a bank holiday weekend online fête! Replete with activities for you, your family and your pet. This weekend should have been our annual Fun Day, but instead hang up your own bunting and join us to raise funds for cats and dogs in need – we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 1200 animals every year and rely on your support to continue to be open for them – even when the country is closed! For more details on our Fun Weekend, please click here.

Enrichment - what is is and why we love it!

Walks aren't just what your dogs want - enrichment is essential, especially when you can't go out with your dog (perhaps they have an injury, or it is too hot). 

And not just for dogs - we'll include ideas for cats too!

This video will explain what it is all about and how you can do this at home. 

How to watch

The video will be available on our YouTube channel from 11am on Saturday - join us live or you can watch any time. It is free to watch, but if you find it useful then please donate a little so we can give enrichment to our own dogs and cats! Use the green button above.


Date: 29/08/2020
Time: 11am (but available to view all weekend)
Cost: Free, but donations welcome
Venue: YouTube
Contact: Marina