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25/07/2020 - Talk: dog behaviour - recall

Join us for an online talk, broadcast live from our paddocks and meeting room at the Home (weather dependent!). Our behaviourist Karen will share her top three techniques to teach a strong recall for your dog - get them coming back to you when you ask, no matter what they are up to!

The talk will feature some of our rescue dogs doing the training and there will be a chance to ask questions. 

A handout will be emailed after the talk, and the recording will be able to be accessed for a short time afterwards as well.

Tickets closed

We have now closed tickets, so we have time to invite everyone to the private group and get set up for tomorrow. We are looking forward to it! 

Date: 25/07/2020
Time: 11am - 12 noon
Cost: minimum 8 donation
Venue: Facebook
Contact: Marina