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26/08/2019 - Fun Dog Show


Pre-sale is closed. But don't worry - you can buy tickets on the day!

The Fun Dog Show is part of Bath Cats & Dogs' Home's Fun Day - you will need to pay an entrance fee to the Fun Day as well as the dog show classes.

You can enter as many classes as you like!

11.45am  Prettiest Eyes
12.10pm  Best Crossbreed
12.35pm  Best Rescue aged 5 years and over
12.55pm  Best Paw Shaker
1.20pm    Best Rescue under 5 years
--- break ---
2.00pm   Fabulous Fella
2.25pm   Loveliest Lady
2.50pm   Cutest Puppy under 12 months
3.15pm   Golden Oldies aged 8 and over

Winners of each class will be invited to the Best in Show at 3.35pm (at no charge). You can also book your class on the day - head to the registration tent when you arrive.

The Fun Dog Show is sponsored by

Riddle - Best in Show 2018

Due to legislative changes, dogs born after April 2007 which have had their tails docked for other than medical reasons cannot be entered into the show. We apologise to owners for any disappointment this may cause. Any dogs with a docked tail who are from a rescue can enter.  
Date: 26/08/2019
Venue: within Fun Day at Bath Cats & Dogs Home
Contact: Zena