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23/05/2019 - Talk: How to Train your Cat with Dr Sarah Ellis

Do you find it hard to get your cat in the cat carrier?

Does a trip to the vets fill you with anxiety?

Does medicating your cat end in a battle of wills?

Training your cat with positive reinforcement can help your cat cope and co-operate with a number of common tasks cats can find challenging - including travel, taking medication, vet visits and grooming.

Sarah returns with a new talk, which will cover:

  • Understanding how cats learn

  • Why it may be important to train our cats

  • The tools and skills involved in training

  • Getting you geared up to start training your cat to cope with life's trials and tribulations.

Dr Sarah Ellis is the co-author of The Trainable Cat and Feline Behaviour Specialist for International Cat Care. You may have seen her on BBC's Cat Watch and The Secret Life of the Cat.

All profits will rescue, rehome and rehabilitate cats and dogs in need at the Home.

Date: 23/05/2019
Time: Starts 7pm
Cost: 15
Venue: Bath Cats & Dogs Home
Contact: Emma
Telephone: 01225 787334

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