Great Wall of China Trek


Want to go this year?

Book for 22nd - 30th October 2016. Perfect if you want to pay for the trip yourself and raise as much sponsorship as you can.

Want to plan ahead? 

Book for for 13th - 21st May2017 and you can plan ahead. Perfect if you want to raise it all with sponsorship (and it only costs you £375!).

The Great Wall of China was originally constructed to keep out nomadic tribes who raided China’s Northern frontier.

Your trekking challenge starts in Jinshanling with a vigorous and challenging trek which involves climbing thousands of steps that loop along the mountains either side of the Gubeikou Gateway.

Each day involves a trek of approximately 12 kilometres (7 and a half miles) along the stony paths that twist and wind through the mountains, interspersed with crumbling watch towers. 

This is a demanding but highly rewarding challenge, not only will you be changing the lives of animals that we care for – you’ll also be creating memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  

Deposit to secure your place is £375. You then have a choice of three payment options.

Minimum Sponsorship Option: you raise £2975 in sponsorship money.

Flexi Sponsorship Option: you pay a further £375 (at a later date) and raise £2,210 in sponsorship money.

Self Funder Option: pay £1,458 and try and raise as much sponsorship money as you can.

Please note that we advise that you give yourself plenty of time to raise the necessary sponsorship money, usually between 9 months to 1 year. 

Ready to begin your adventure?


Any questions? 

Call 01225 787 335 or email   

Take on a challenge for us you will receive: 

 » Personal tour of the Home with a chance to meet some of the animals you will be helping.

» Your own Bath Cats and Dogs Home fundraising pack, including ideas on how to reach your target.

» Useful sponsorship forms and advice about setting up an online sponsorship page

» Regular e-newsletters and support when you need it.


Your events contact is Zena
01225 787335