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Christmas Appeal

A refurbishment of our Veterinary Suite to improve animal welfare

Many of the animals we care for require extensive medical treatment, which we are lucky enough to carry out onsite, but we need your help. Built in 2000, our veterinary facilities are operational but fast becoming outdated. Currently, we have a shared recovery suite for both cats and dogs, which can cause unnecessary stress and limits the number of animals we can have in there at any time. Our veterinary team also uses this space for an office, creating a less-than-peaceful environment.

To provide the best quality of care and aid in quicker healing, we need to make some changes, but we need your help.

This year, we’re undertaking an ambitious building project to refurbish and upgrade our facilities, ensuring the best animal welfare and that it will be fit for future generations of animals in need. Our plans include a complete renovation of our current recovery suite into two separate recovery facilities for cats and dogs, ensuring all animals have a safe space to relax and recover post-medical treatment.

All our updates will ensure that we’re able to provide the best care possible while also:
• Reducing animal post-operative recovery time
• Increasing the number of post-operative cat pods and kennels
• Improving our flexibility in scheduling operations and consultations
• Decreasing the need for animals to be transferred off-site to the veterinary hospital
• Increasing our capacity to respond to urgent cases

“Despite the rising and sometimes overwhelming demand for our services, our commitment to open intake, looking after the animals that most need our care regardless of behavioural traits or medical conditions, remains undiminished.

We cannot stand still, we must work together to create and build a brighter future for all those animals who deserve our love and care.”

Rachel Jones, CEO of Bath Cats & Dogs Home



Giving to the Christmas Appeal – a double opportunity

We are excited that our refurbishment project has been selected to be part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge, which gives you the opportunity to double your donation at no extra cost, through match funding. We have a generous beneficiary who will match whatever you donate – so if you give £20, then they will also give us £20. They have agreed to do this up to a total of £8,500.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is only accepting donations between Tuesday 28th November and Tuesday 5th December.

We want to make the most of this generous opportunity, and it is a very big target for us, so if you would like to donate towards this Christmas Appeal, we ask that you wait for the right time and donate through the Big Give website, so you can give twice the goodwill. Together, we can reach the target and make a big difference to future generations of cats and dogs in need.

To ensure that your donation is doubled, donations must be made on the Big Give website, rather than directly to us.
Don’t worry – we will get all of your donation, plus it will be doubled!
The Big Give Christmas Challenge is open for one week, from 12 noon on Tuesday 28th November until 12 noon on Tuesday 5th December.

Thank you.

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