Covid 19 updates

Autumn/Winter 2020

Visitors We are continuing to take in and rehome cats and dogs, but are not allowing visitors onto site unless by invitation from the Rehoming Team as part of your adoption. 

To adopt Please start by filling in an application form and sending to us, and our Rehoming Team will be in touch. Carefully read how to adopt details by clicking here.

To donate pet items and charity shop items Our donation area in the car park is open. Read more about how to donate by clicking here.

Volunteering We are currently trying to increase capacity for our current volunteers, so we have put on hold any new volunteer vacancies at this time.

To hand over animals If you are struggling to continue to care for your pet, for any reason, please get in touch and we will try to help. Click here for more details.

Pet Shop Our Pet Shop remains closed, but we do have cute surprise pet packages that you can order for delivery. Find out more by clicking here.

Charity Shops Our Charity Shops in Oldfield Park, Frome and Trowbridge are open. Opening times and accepting donations are subject to change, so please call the shop ahead if you are making the trip specially. The Charity Shops' contact details can be found by clicking here.


17 July 2020

Since we’ve resumed rehoming, we have been receiving hundreds of applications a week. It is heartening that our supporters are choosing to adopt, and that there are so many potential homes for the animals we care for. However, our small team have become a little overwhelmed by the volume of applications. So, just for two weeks, we are closing applications so the team can catch up and make sure they can give full and proper attention to each adoption and the matching of pets to new homes.

If you’ve already applied but haven’t yet been contacted: Please wait to hear from our team.

We will, of course, let you know when we reopen again. Thank you for your understanding and patience and we look forward to matching you with your perfect rescue pet very soon.

1 July 2020

Our site and reception will remain closed to visitors throughout July, but donations are being accepted in the dedicated area in the car park click here to read how and what to donate.

We have taken the tough decision to cancel our annual Fun Day in August but have many events planned online - please follow us on social media to keep in touch!

Our Covid-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment and Statement are available to download at the bottom of this page.


24 June 2020

Our adoption applications are open again - we are expecting a high number of applications so please allow 10-14 days to hear back from our team. Most are working from home so will not be able to take calls - you can leave a message on voicemail.

Visitors are not allowed on site unless by appointment. When you are meeting your matches and adopting, measures will be in place to protect you and our team.


12 June 2020 - UPDATE

The Home will remain closed to visitors for June, unless by appointment. We are currently arranging adoptions for those who applied pre-lockdown. Cats, where possible, are being taken by our teams to their new homes; dog introductions are being done on-site by appointment only, of course maintaining social distancing.

Applications to adopt will open on Wednesday 24th June, by appointment only. When we open the applications, we will also announce the new process in more detail.

Our Charity Shops are opening for shopping from Monday 15th June, and with Donation Days on Sundays throughout June – although we cannot take donations of soft toys and bedding/blankets at this time.

Donations of pet food, towels, and blankets at the Home can start on Monday 29th June.

Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate through these strange seas!


4 May 2020 - UPDATE

Please note the Home is still closed. We are caring for the animals but are not yet able to have visitors on site. With guidance from the RSPCA, we have started to rehome some animals under limited circumstances.With guidance from the RSPCA, we have started to rehome some animals under limited circumstances.

For those who have gone through the majority of the adoption journey, including meeting your perfect match, before lockdown. We will be contacting you to arrange to complete the paperwork, any behaviour or veterinary advice sessions, and then we will arrange to deliver the animal to your home. Delivery is much easier for cats, but we will be looking to place dogs safely in their homes where possible too.

For those who have completed the full registration and have expressed an interest in an animal. We want to make sure that we can rehome your perfect match as safely and effectively as possible. Our Rehoming Team is working hard to ensure we can provide the same level of support before, during, and after your adoption process. We appreciate your patience as we organise this.

For those who have completed the paperwork-part of the adoption journey before lockdown. You would have already had a call from our Rehoming Team and we did not have a match for you at that moment. If you see an animal on our website in the coming weeks that you are interested in, then please do email us on

We are not accepting new applications to adopt at this time and cannot reply to any queries about animals or rehome them if you are not already fully registered with us. We have limited staff and a new adoption process to work through carefully – please bear with us!


April 2020

We have launched our Spring Appeal, focusing on the Home during lockdown and how the virus has affected our charity. Click here to read more.


25 March 2020

Coronavirus UPDATE:

Dear Home supporters

Following the Government advice, and RSPCA instruction, we are going to have further restrictions until further notice.

  • Adoptions are on hold. All reserves will remain, and when the restrictions are lifted, we will be in touch to arrange adoption.

  • We will not be accepting any more applications to adopt – if you have already applied, then we will process them in the coming weeks.

  • Animals cannot go on foster.

  • We cannot take animals in from members of the public, as we must prioritise spaces for those injured, neglected, and in most need from our RSPCA Inspectors, Dog Wardens and the Police.

  • If you have animal welfare concerns, please call the national RSPCA cruelty line for advice: 0300 1234 999. If you have a badly injured stray or wild animal, please call your local vet for advice. Please do not attend a vet practice without calling first.

  • Our Charity Shops and on-site Pet Shop are closed, and we currently aren’t able to accept donations of goods (please, if you are having a sort out we’d love your charity shop donations once the restrictions are lifted).

Please rest assured that our Animal Care teams are on-site and looking after all our current animals with love. We will be sharing pictures of what we’re up to on all our social channels (we are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) and look forward to hearing back from you all as well.

We’re so grateful for the offers of support we’ve had, and are sad that the further restrictions prevent us from taking you up on all of these. We know that times are tough for all but, if you can, please consider making a donation today. Your support is needed now more than ever. Your kindness will continue to care for the 140 plus animals that remain on-site, plus those injured, neglected, or cruelly treated animals who will keep coming into our care. Please donate at