Giving cats and dogs a brighter future - why Gifts in Wills are so important

By remembering Bath Cats & Dogs Home in your Will, your gift will protect future generations of pets in need by ensuring we can always be there for them when they have nowhere else to go. 

With over half of our funding received through Gifts in Wills, each and every gift no matter what size will help put an end to animal cruelty and neglect on your doorstep.

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For over 80 years, Gifts in Wills from animal lovers have ensured that we can rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats, dogs and small animals when they need us. Our vision for the future is seeing an end to pets being unwanted, cruelly treated or neglected. But until that time our future strategy is in place to ensure that, through the kind pledges our supporters make, together we can be there for animals in need.

How to make a gift in your Will

When a solicitor or other professional writes your Will, you have two basic choices: to leave a share of your estate (a ‘Residuary Bequest’) or a cash gift (a ‘Pecuniary Bequest’). In the long run, the former will probably hold its value better and be of more benefit to the animals in our care but it’s entirely up to you. For ease there is some suggested wording for your solicitor that you can download below.

To ensure the money comes to the Home you do need to include our full name and address, Bath Cats and Dogs Home, the Avenue, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AZ - and our registered charity number - 205594. 

If you would like to update your existing Will, you can do so by adding a codicil, which you can download below, we would recommend speaking to your solicitor to help with this. 

After remembering loved ones please consider leaving a gift to Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

 Thank you, together we will save unwanted animals in our area.

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