Donating pet items and food

Donating pet items

We welcome new and nearly-new pet items to give to our animals or to sell in our Pet Shop – which then raises money for our animals.

Items that would be useful include dog harnesses, pet beds and blankets, cat scratching posts, toys and coats.

Donating pet treats

We accept all treats except for rawhide chews.

We use 'squeezy cheese' for muzzle training and always welcome donations of this. 

Donating pet food

Food nutrition is very important to an animal's health and behaviour, so in July 2017 we changed to a set diet for all our animals. This is:


Complete biscuits:
Bath Cats & Dogs Home own brand Food for Life Adult, Senior/Light and Puppy 

Wet food for Kongs etc.:
Butchers in jelly
Pedigree in jelly
Webbox Chub rolls


Complete biscuits:
James Wellbeloved Adult, Senior, Light and Kitten

Wet food for those who cannot eat biscuits:
Butchers in jelly
Felix in jelly
Kit-e-Kat in jelly
Whiskas in jelly

We have arranged trade deals to get the most for our money when we buy food in, so the best way to help us feed our animals is to donate money. But if you would like to donate food you can buy these items in many supermarkets, or at our own Pet Shop at the Home. 

» Find out more about our food study and why we only use these foods.