As you can imagine, it has been a year of many changes here at the Home, and yet in addition to that we are now starting to see some of the more far reaching results of what has been unfolding this year.

Since March we have taken in one hundred animals from the RSPCA and many of these are a result of people struggling to cope. There have been some very upsetting cases of starvation, and animals being found with challenging medical conditions that have been left untreated.

Together we must ensure that we are here for each and every unwanted pet, every penny you can donate will make a difference, thank you for your support.


 £10 provides essential medication against parasites

£25 provides a car package tailored to an animal's needs, including bedding, food and medication

£50 would contribute towards a life-saving operation

Prefer to donate by phone? Call us on 01225 787334 (you may need to leave a message for a callback).

Prefer to donate by post? Make cheques payable to Bath Cats and Dogs Home, and send to Bath Cats and Dogs Home, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AZ.