Spring Appeal - please help fund our behaviour rehabilitation work

Behaviour rehabilitation is using training, play and environment enrichment to improve the pet-human relationship and encourage good behaviours. It requires patience and time.

Lunar's story

When Lunar arrived, she was too scared to leave her bed, it was heart-breaking to see her so afraid. We learnt that she loved toys, as all her toys would move overnight, we couldn't wait to see her playful personality begin to shine through! 

It took a month working with her, at her own pace each day, to build up her confidence enough to take her outside for the first time.

Once she started to feel more confident, we gradually introduced her to more staff members, it was wonderful to see her making more friends.

Lunar with her best friend, behaviour assessor Shannon in May. It has taken months for her to get to this stage. 

Your support helps animals like Lunar, thanks to the generosity of committed supporters like you, we will continue to work patiently with Lunar every day, until she is ready to be matched with her perfect new home. 

With the help of kind supporters like you, we will continue to work with Lunar and the many others like her, thank you for making this possible.

Augustus would hiss when anyone approached his hiding place, read how our team changed his life.

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