Be a Pounds for Paws fundraiser

Pennies and pounds add up - so no matter how you decide to fundraise for us you can always make a difference to the animals we care for here at the Home.

The important thing is you have some fun and inspire your friends and family to give!


 Why not give up sweets, cola or your phone (eek!) for a week and ask for sponsorship. The longer you do, the more you could raise! By giving up your treats, we can give our animals some.




Or offer to do some serious chores in return for cash. You could wash a whole street of cars, carry shopping or spring clean your room. Your hard work means we can have nice kennels ready for an animal here at the Home.



 If you love a bit of a party, why not bake some cakes for a sale, have your friends over for tea, or have a fancy dress day at school? Chat to your parents or  teacher about what you can do for a charity day.


If you become a Pounds for Paws fundraiser, then we can send you a pack of really useful stuff to help your with your fundraising event. The pack will help you get our charity message across, so you get more sponsorship and save more animals.



Please ask your parent for permission to do your event and ask for a pack.