Members of Paws & Claws Club can earn points to go up the levels. At each milestone you will get your name on our website here (look right!), and get a certificate.

At the end of your 12 month membership, if you've reached 5,500 points or more then you get to name one of our rescue animals, and we'll send you a photo.

How to earn Club Points

There's lots of ways to earn points, and each activity supports the charity and the animals that we care for. 

Join Paws & Claws Club - 50 points
Like Bath Cats & Dogs Home on Facebook - 10 points
Enter a Paws & Claws competition - 10 points
Get 20 points for every pound fundraised - so for £20 that's 400 points
Every photo, story, letter, joke or poem sent in - 20 points
Visit us on Fun Day - 20 points
Collect and send in 100 used stamps - 30 points
Complete one of our quizzes - 50 points
Join us on a Paws & Claws member's day - 100 points
Take part in a Bath Cats & Dogs Home sponsored event, such as Cat Cuddle-a-Thon or the Wag Walk - 120 points
Organise a school visit or talk with your teacher - 150points
Organise or take part in a fundraising event, such as a bake sale or fun run - 200 points

To earn points just remember to ask your parent or guardian to write in to Paws & Claws HQ with your name plus your membership number and tell Claverton what you have been up to!