Visits and talks for clubs & groups

We want to share our passion for rescuing unwanted pets - and inspire the next generation to think about animal welfare and to care for animals.

In return, we ask that you help with a little fundraising or donations of blanket or pet food and accessories from your group. 

What we can offer

We invite clubs and groups to visit us during the day at Claverton Down where you can have a talk and PowerPoint presentation about our work and also a tour of the re-homing kennels and cattery to see some of the animals. Please allow approximately 1 hour for this visit.

We can also offer a short workshop on ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’, which is approximately 20 minutes long.

Need to get a badge?

We can work with you to help your group achieve badges and awards - for example the Brownies' ‘Friend to Animals' badge.


Please note: It may be possible to visit you at your meeting place but this is dependent on distances and volunteer availability.


Your contact is Mandy
01225 787335