Fun Facts about Tortoises

At our last Paws and Claws activity days we had two special visitors, Betty and Tutu the Herman Tortoises. We learnt a lot about Tortoises and want to share a few fun and interesting facts with you.

  • A Tortoises shall is made up of 60 different bones all connected to each other
  • Tortoises can retract their heads and all their limbs into their shells when they feel threatened - although Betty and Tutu rather like their heads rubbed
  • Tortoises have no teeth! Despite that they have strong mouths rather like beaks
  • They have good vision and a very good sense of smell
  • They are cold-blooded and draw heat from their environment and are more active during the day
  • Tortoises can live a very long time, some as old as 150 years!
  • Tortoises are herbivores and eat things like grass, leaves and fruit
  • Tortoises hibernate during the winter months
  • Tortoises have developed a special set of muscles to assist with their breathing as their shells are so rigid they can't expand their chests to breathe like humans do
  • Tortoises are different to Turtles because they only live on land and do not have flippers like Turtles
  • There are around 40 different species of Tortoise found around the world
  • Tortoises move faster than you think. They can put a spurt on and move quickly and get up to losts of mischief!