Bunny Bookmarks

Here are the things you will need to make your very own reading pal

    1 sheet of white paper
    1 pencil
    1 black marker
    1 pink marker
    1 glue stick
    1 pair of scissors (Remember to ask mum or dad for help!)

1)    Fold the sheet of paper into a square and cut off any extra paper.

2)    Draw lines and shade until your paper looks like the one above.

3)    Cut out all of the shaded squares and triangles.

4)    Fold one triangle down put glue on the side facing up.

5)    Fold the remaining triangle over the first.

6)    Cut two long ear shapes from the leftover paper, and put a little glue on one end of each.

7)    Stick the ears to the inside of the folded-over triangle.

8)    Use the markers to draw eyes and a nose on your bunny.

9)    Hop to reading!

Did you make a bunny bookmark? Send us your pictures to