What's your New Years Resolution?  

Learn new things? Give up chocolate? Recycle more stuff? Be good? Help your parents look after the pets more? Whatever it is, well done on making some changes. 

Have you thought about taking on a challenge to help the animals here at the Home? Taking on a challenge is great fun for you but it can also help make a difference to our animals lives.

You could donate any unwanted Christmas presents or even sell them on yourselves and donate the money. Or if you like all of your Christmas presents and want to keep them then maybe take a look at Bruno's shopping list below. You can donate anything on the list or even raise some money so we can buy these essential things. Can you help make a difference this year?


If you donate any of these items and are a Paws and Claws member you can earn 50 Paws and Claws club points! Every £1 raised earns you 5 points, raise £20 and that's 100 points - wow! Don't worry if you aren't a member, you will still be rewarded for all your hard work.