I've lost my cat

There are several things you can do, so try not to worry and let's go through it one by one.

Check your garden's cat routes

Perhaps the hole in the fence where your cat usually goes in and out has become blocked, or the patio table in your neighbour's garden that they use to get over the fence has been moved. Without their usual route back they might be stuck.

Make your garden smell of your cats

Put their litter trays outside, and hang their bedding on the line. It might just help a cat navigate home if they have gotten disorientated.

Ask your neighbours

Particularly neighbours whose garden connects to your garden.

Contact your microchip company

Hopefully your cat is microchipped. The largest microchip database is Petlog. Click here to visit their website or you can call them on 01296 336579. They will send an alert out to professionals in your area.

Register with online services

Pets Located service tries to match automatically from a combination of description and location. It costs £5 to register, but you should be able to claim that back from your pet insurance. Click here to visit their website.

Animal Search UK is a free service which also matches up potential found and lost cats. Click here to visit their website.

Make a poster

Make a poster or use our template (download below). Use clear photos that show any markings on both sides and their face. For single-coloured cats, face shape and eye colour can be very individual. 

Where to put the poster up

Cats can have a territory from 2 to 8 acres so look at a map and see the housing areas they may have gone to. Good places to put posters up are vets, community notice boards, pet shops and local newsagent windows. Also put it up at dog walking parks - dogs like to sniff out cats and their walkers may have seen something.

Ask local rescues

Somebody may have given your cat to a rescue home thinking that they are stray. Send your poster to them as well. A list of local rescues that take in strays can be downloaded below and our stray enquiries number is 01225 787322 (9am - 5pm).

Call your council

Sadly, your cat may have had a fatal accident. Call your local council and explain your cat is missing and they will put you through to the correct department to see if they have received any reports. 

Best of luck - we hope that you are reunited with your cat very soon.

And what to do when they are found

Inform all of the above that they are found - and take down posters to leave space for cats who are still missing.