I've lost my dog

There are several things you can do, so try not to worry and let's go through it one by one.

Ask your neighbours

If they have gone from your garden, they may be in a neighbouring garden and can't find their way back in. Start with those who have gardens connecting to yours and work outwards along your street. If nobody is in, leave a note through their door.

Stay in one place

If you have lost them on a walk, stay in one place to call them. If you call your dog from one place and then drive to another, they may have already been heading back to the first place. Dogs will usually head along a well-known route to try and pick you up again so stay somewhere on a regular walk with good visibility. Some dogs will head back towards the car.

Call the Dog Warden

All strays must be reported to the Dog Warden, so perhaps they have already picked up your dog. For a list of local Dog Wardens, please click here.

Overnight - place a crate in the area

If you know they are in an area, then set up a crate as overnight shelter with water (not food - it will attract wild animals that might scare your dog away) and a familiar blanket in there, perhaps some old clothes of yours too. If they find it, they should stay close to it and be nearby when you visit the next day.  

Call the council

Sadly your dog may have been involved in a fatal accident. Call your local council and explain your dog is missing and they will put you through to the correct department and see if they have received any reports.

Ask local rescues

Either the Dog Warden or member of the public may have handed your dog to a rescue home. A list of local rescues that take in strays can be downloaded below and our number for stray enquiries is 01225 787322 (9am - 5pm).

Contact your microchip company

The largest microchip database is Petlog. Click here to visit their website or you can call them on 01296 336579. They will send an alert out to professionals in your area.

Register with online services

Dog Lost is a free online service, which alerts helpers in your area to look for your dog. They will also make a poster for you to download and print off. Click here to visit their website. 

Pets Located service tries to match lost and found pets automatically from a combination of description and location. It costs £ to register, but you should be able to claim that back from your pet insurance. Click here to visit their website.

Putting up a poster

The Dog Lost online service will provide you with a poster. You can use this to give to local vets, and you could also place in pets shops, community notice boards and local newsagent windows. You can add that there is a reward, but we would not recommend putting a figure on your poster, as it may attract hoax calls.

Best of luck - we hope that you are reunited with your dog very soon.


And what to do when they are found

Inform all of the above that they are found - and take down any posters to leave space for dogs who are still missing.