Bob BD44776-Dog
2 years 2 months
I am friendly with some dogs
I cannot live with cats
I could live with another dog
I can live with teenagers

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Meet Bob, our fun-loving Saluki with bags of energy! Bob's favourite things in life are quiet countryside walks that finish with a cuddle up on the sofa with his humans. Being a younger boy, Bob is still learning some manners with other dogs - his training here is going really well but he would benefit from continuing it once adopted.
Bob came into to us as stray, so we aren’t sure if he is used to home life so he will need some guidance with his house-training as he settles in. Our team can advise.
It would be perfect if Bob could have a secure garden of his own where he can exercise off-lead and play with all his toys, or you can hire a dog field.
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Meeting and greeting other dogs

Meeting and greeting other dogs

Most dogs want to meet others and it is important for them to have the opportunity to display their natural social behaviours and improve their doggie greetings.

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Toileting and even not-toileting are common frustrations in dog ownership. Here's our advice on encouraging housetraining in dogs.

Dogs, Dog training, Adopters, Dog behaviour

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